I am getting a new guitar in the summer ( willing to spend 700-800$ ) and i don't really know much about pickups, ect. the guitar i am thinking of getting is this epiphone les paul: http://www.epiphone.com/default.asp?ProductID=51&CollectionID=6

could someone tell me if the pickups in it are any good? if not, how much does it cost to get good ones? and also, if you have suggestions on guitars, im open to them.

i play mostly classic rock and metal.
What amp do you have - although whatever it is the stock pickups will probably be fine to be honest.
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I think they are Epi humbuckers, modelled after '57 Classics maybe. For a replacement of all three, it could cost anywhere from ~$90 if you go really cheap, to ~$300 or more for Gibson aftermarket pickups. I would try it out, but i am absolutely sure it could do classic rock.
I got an Epiphone G-400 and it has Alnico Humbuckers too. I think it sounds really good for metal and stuff so you might not need to replace them.
THe Epiphone G-400 Custom has 3 humbuckers too and I don't think it sounds ass good as the G-400 for metal so you might want to get something else. not sure
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thanx for the advice guys, and stratman, the epi is only around 600 dollars. the 700-800 is for other suggestions:P

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I'd go for the 2 p/u custom. nobody actually needs three pickups, truthfully. Then I'd get a Duncan custom 5 or custom custom for the bridge, and a '59 or Jazz for the neck.
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