Hey everyone,

This is my first time posting in the forums of this great website. I just ordered a new Cole Clark FL1A. It should arrive in a few weeks. It has the bunya top with queensland maple back and sides. I originally wanted the bunya top with blackwood back and sides, but they don't have any available. Anyone else own one? I would like to start a good discussion here. There are not too many of you out there, so I hope I get some replies.
Never even heard of it to be honest. Mind telling how it sounds and all when it arrives?
I've played a lot of them and heard a lot of them and nearly did buy one.
Some of them can sound fantastic and some can sound really cold and sterile I find. Also I'm still deciding on what I think of the bracing used in them. The bracing is not separate wood, its routed from the same piece of wood as the back and top. Thats the main thing thats different about their construction but they also don't used Kerfed lining which I find interesting.

When you get it, please do tell us what you think, because, as I said, I'm still a little unsure about them. The design of them is interesting to say the least.
I own a cole clark FL2AC but plyed one at the music store. Cole clark are beautifully made and sounding guitars! They seriously sound amazing. Ill give you a quick analysis. They are very delicate guitars comparing to the matons, for instance you must be careful with the wood, like a slight bang will make a mark. The action that mine came with was quite low but it depends how you like it. Definitely sounds better than the matons out there around for the same price. Cole clark are beautifully made and sounding guitars, i was going to purchase a maton em325c before i bought but but i couldn't resist, they are bloody amazing.

Thats the only thing i had against it, since they are so delicately put toge ther, you will know what im mean when you hold it and have a bit of a feel of the wood. Also if you can bargain with the muthas get a case. I got a really nice Gator case with mine. Anyway dude, how long till you get it?

EDIT: I am not sure if the blackwood is stronger than maple, it looks it but i dont have a clue. I own the maple btw.
hey hurricanefresh,

i still have to decide if i want the bunya/queensland maple, or the bunya/blackwood fat lady. if i take the bunya/maple, i should have it within a week. if i want the bunya/blackwood, then i have to wait for a few months.
I have the bunya and maple FL2AC and it is great.
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I have the bunya and maple FL2AC and it is great.

What do you like about it? Did you try a bunya with blackwood back and sides before you bought this one?
Hey man, i suggest you ask the guys at the shop the difference between the two sounds of the wood. They're both going to sound good, just find out which sound you like better. As painful as it might be, if you like the sound of the blackwood better then you should wait.

Read up on it man, peace.
I really like the sound of blackwood in the sides and back.
Personally, I like it better than the Qld maple.
I own an FL1A (spruce top, rosewood back and sides). It was when i bought it and still is, in my opinion, the best acoustic electric you can get in the $1000 price range.
As for your maple vs blackwood decision, obviously only you know which one you like best. I personally prefer maple.
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I really like the sound of blackwood in the sides and back.
Personally, I like it better than the Qld maple.

Hey johnos,

Why do you like the blackwood better? I know that trying both out is the best way, but unfortunately, I don't have any dealers around me that sell them. I am in Southern California. I did get a chance to play a bunya/qld. maple though. I very much liked it, but I still would like to hear a bunya/blackwood.
I think the one with blackwood that I tried had a spruce top actually. So that could have made the biggest difference. I can't really remember why I liked it, but I remember it being good. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Oh, and they also make an all Bunya guitar. I remember playing a nice one of those too. But in general I think you would be fine with the Bunya/Qld maple combo. There the most common ones and most of them are pretty nice.

i just got my fat lady yesterady! what a great guitar! i have no regrets getting it. back in january i actually bought a larrivee l-03r, but there was something missing from it. I sold it. i know that i have only had it for a night, but this one is a definite keeper.

the sound is well balanced and the intonation is perfect. all strings can be heard evenly when fingerpicking chords. the sustain is long. i know that after breaking this fat lady in, the feel and warmth on her will only get better. (no pun intended.)

the electronics are awesome as well. i brought my fat lady to a friend's place, who is a professional musician. i wanted to show off my fat lady and let my friend play her! (this is funny to me as i write this, sorry if you're offended) when he plugged it in and started playing, i couldn't hear a distinctive sound from the monitors. (i don't have experience plugging in acoustics) my friend said it is because the sound coming from the guitar is so natural and there is not the typical twangy, amplified sound that comes from other acoustic-electrics. he did say too that my guitar needs to get broken in.

anyways, these are my first reactions and feeling about this guitar. i hope i can start some cool discussions about it here. if you have this, do you recommend a certain set of strings to be put on it? thanks.