I bought a 3 pack: Ace Ventura, Ace Ventura When Nature calls, and the animated series. Amazing . but i was watchin it and i noticed things in it i dont remember there being there when i watched it when i was a kid.....like theres a sex scene where jim carey fu cks the hell outta courtney cox and after, she says "3 times..." and hes like "sry, thats never happened to me b4, im a little tired" ...o and all the animals were watching...i thought this was funny because i always thought it was a kids movie as it was one of my favorites as a kid....thoughts on ace ventura/other things you never noticed in kids movies until you watched em later on?
Ace ventura ****ing rocks like ****!!!!
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Also on Ace Ventura there's a bit where it is implied some guy is raped by a gorilla.
Dude, When Nature Calls is the best movie ever!

Jim Carrey is a God!
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i like the part on the first one where he rescues that dog and gets a blowjob as the reward.

i lol'd like crazy when i was a kid even if i didn't understand where that nice, big breasted woman had gone.
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also, in nature calls, when hes being briefed on his 'mission', and hes making shadow puppets on the projector screen. that whole scene makes me lol every time
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