I currently have my 360 bridged through my laptop, and it worked fine for almost two weeks, then I was gone for the weekend.

When I came back something got screwed up. Every five minutes, my 360 disconnects from Live for no reason, because I run the diagnostic immediately and it says nothing is wrong, and reconnects. This is driving me insane!

Anyone have a similar problem that could give me some help?
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Yeah i have selotaped mine in because it's quite a stretch and always used to get pulled out.
For the record, XBL is still a gaming topic. That being said, I think it'd be best posting on a xbox 360 forums somewhere, as you'd get quicker help. It's more likely that someone there has had the issue.

Or google if you haven't already. Doesn't sound like a common issue though.

Fishyedit: You're from Utah??

Gaming thread floating around.
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