My action on my acoustic guitar is OBNOXIOUSLY high, I just got this acoustic and I can still return it, but I got a really good deal so i'd rather not. A good friend of mine who knows about gear building told me to get a new bridge and put it on. Where do I start and should I do it myself or just return it (last resort)?

Thanks, keep in mind, it's a left handed guitar, does that make a difference for the bridge to buy?
Im not sure you'll even need a new bridge, i took the bridge out of my acoustic and sanded it down a couple of mm's (on a flat surface) and also tightened up the truss rod. Works fine now
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a bridge job is a very delicate thing and cannot be taken lightly

i would go to a professional and let him do it.
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All you need to do is take out the saddle, sand down the flat part, and glue it back in. A new bridge would be too much i think.