i found a nice tab for hearts burst into fire but i was wondering if i tune to drop c is it gonna mess up the tension and everything when i try to tune it back to standard?
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It shouldnt. I used to switch from Standard to Drop C alot before, and i didnt notice anything wrong.
no-- but make sure when you tune back to do it kinda slowly-- if you tune up to fast your strings might snap.

also, what i like to do is stretch out the strings a little when tuning back up-- so i usually tune up to F standard or F# standard, and then back down to E standard.
it depends on the type of bridge you are useing. if its a floating type then yes, you will have to spend time and adjust your guitar for that tuneing.

even if your useing a flat mount, hard tail, or gibson style you will have to do a few adjustments such as intonation, action and a few others.

i recomend haveing someone with setup know how to show you how to do it.
it won't screw up anything,
just make sure u tune it slow, so that ur strings don't snap. if they do...you might wanna consider a higher gauge strings (i used .11's and they work fine)
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