first post, so please be gentle.

I decided to learn to play bass (after years of wanting to). So I looked on ebay and ended up with an Ibanez SRX700. It got lost in the post (allegedly), so I decided to go and have a look in a shop. Ended up with a Peavey Grind (bit of a neck-through theme here). In the meantime, a Marshall 12 watt bass amp (used) showed up, along with a cable.

I've started out with the Peavey, a load of books and a bit of enthusiasm, then the Ibanez shows up. The E string is broken so I've ordered a pack of 45-105s with the intention of having a go. Depends on how brave I am, but I might end up taking it to the shop I bought the Peavey at (and where I'm planning to get some lessons).

Trouble is, the Ibanez doesn't seem to work. It's active so it's slowly dawned on me that the battery may be flat, but I thought if it was plugged into my amp then it'd work? Or the jack is busted? It makes a helluva crackling noise when the cable's pulled out so it seems there's something going on. If it's the jack I'll definitely take it to the shop to get fixed and set-up. The pickups and metal work (bridge, knobs) are a bit rusted too, can I fix this myself and would new pickups be a good idea? Or ok while I'm learning?

Any comments? Suggestions? Is it the battery, or more likely to be the jack? Is my amp totally rubbish?! Is this a fool's mission?

Thanks for your time.
if its an active bass you need the battery to make the pick-ups work so when you plug it in it works
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the battery is flat. marshall amps aren't that highly regarded in the bass world but they hold their own. any idiot can change a string it's not something that needs a professional's touch
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both the jack and the battery are cheap and easier fixes so I would start with them. Steal a batter from something around the house and see if it fixes it. If it doesn't, bring it into the shop and have them resting it and check up on the jack. I'm sure they will find a fix.
EDIT: woot, third post with the same info in under a minute. way to go bass forum \m/
Chuck a new battery in and see what happens.

It won't work just because it's plugged into an amp.
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Well, an Ibanez SRX700 is a very nice bass, and coincidentally one of the few basses I've looking at buying myself. It sounds like there may be a few issues with the electronics. However, considering the quality of the bass you're talking about I would just take it into a music shop and say "fix this plz". Once your bass is fixed and works at the music shop you will know if your amp is rubbish if it still won't work. If that's the case get a new amp, because a Marshall 12 watt is pretty small for what you'll eventually want anyway. For that I would look at a nice starter amp listen in the Bass Forum FAQ.

Selling the Peavey would be a good way to fund a new amp, but make sure the Ibanez is ready to roll first.
That's an active bass if I'm not mistaken. Change the battery first, its cheap, its easy and may fix your issue. Ibanez's (at least the Soundgears) tend to crackle and distort right before the battery just ups and dies. And no battery, no sound.

And the amp is OK for bedroom practice, but get yourself a better one as soon as time and money allows.

That's a very nice Ibanez btw and worth the work to get it back to a good shape. I saw the SRX700 first on Carol Kaye's website and I haven't had a chance to play one yet.

The rust can be taken off with naval jelly on the bridge and knobs. The pups may need to be replaced if there is significant rust.
Just out of curiosity, but does this Ibanez SRX700 have the Honey Sunburst (Red w/ Yellow Sunburst) finish?

Replying "yes" will make me very jealous.
oh, you lot are so nice and there was me all terrified about what answers I'd get. And fast!

I did have a read of the faqs first as well, so was hoping not to be too harshly treated.

So it seems the Ibanez is worth the work. I do prefer how it feels compared to the Peavey, but as a complete newbie I thought I'd keep my options open. I know the amp works as I've been using it with the Peavey.

I'll obtain a suitable battery in the morning and see what happens (even without the E string).

And another q, the strings I ordered are rotosounds. Ok for a beginner?

And do you all name your basses?
Rotosounds are wonderful bass strings. You have made an excellent choice. Which ones did you buy? They are great for a beginner and pro alike.

And yes--I do name my basses. My white Epi is Dino (as in Dinosaur) and my grey Ibanez is Dell.

And welcome to the bass forum. If you have any questions regarding the forum, PM me or one of the other moderators (FbSa or UTBDan).
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That is a beauty for sure. That's the natural finish, the only other finish currently available for the SRX700 was the one I described:

However, I'm still jealous, since it's not just the finish that matters. You sir/ma'am, have a nice bass, and wish you luck on getting it fixed up to its full potential.
We're only nice when you're new. :P

If you read the FAQ, and still have an unanswered question, then try a search. If still nothing pops up, then go ahead and post a thread.

Haven't tried to many Ibanez's, but they've got a good reputation. As for which one you prefer, go with what feels better. Noithing wrong with that. Unless it's a T-bird.

Rotosounds are freaking awesome. They're all I use. I like them so much, when I sold my old bass to my friend, I gave her a pair just to try. They are, put simply, awesome, imho.

and yes, yes I do.
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just realised anarkee asked which strings I got... RS 66LF 45 65 85 105, if that makes sense. Don't know all the techie bits about strings (am learning though), but these seemed a fairly reasonable start and got them for £13 posted. Can't wait to play the damn thing now!
It works!!! (well, sort of)

Bunged in a new battery, plugged it in and it crackled a bit, checked the amp works by plugging in t'other one and then swapped back. More crackling, played around with the cable and at some point it leapt into life (squeezed tuning in there as well, but it sounds dud so will re-string the whole thing). If the jack proves to be troublesome it'll go to the shop.

Very nice..! Thanks again for your help.