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The Peril Of Ixidore

There is nothing here for me even in the spaces I once knew to be a welcoming haven
These last memories I have are the last I make of my own free will
“Reality has forsaken me and therefore I am not bound by its laws”
Limitations all!
Cast aside!
My head is desolate with occupied thought
And my heart has been schooled in the teachings of a winter-wilted language

“What’s that noise”?


No more<
>No less

The touch of death saved her from witnessing your foulness
Tormented. Twisted.

Ahh, noble Ixidore you bare the knowledge of gifted men
And the secrets of the burdened as well
Her veil will fall once more
As the world to her feet
All shall bow to the angel and despair
And there will be nowhere in your palace to hide

"Are you there, Akroma"?



"Shhh, a voice"


good luck to us both man

My Grandpa Was a Bartender for Wild Bill

Maybe I expected too much,
A family, A home, An Alcoholic to boot.
The paper says theres a meeting downtown
for people like me;
I can imagine how fun that room would be.
I should go,
I would go,
if it was within walking distance,
because then I wouldn't
have to get in my truck and hear
my blow-up girlfriends God awful elton john cd.
All that does is make me want to fight,
and fighting makes me want to ****,
which just gets me tired.
Leaving that moving target frozen,
And easy to hit with a "lazy" dart.
My Father likes to throw those.