what role do resistors and capacitors play in audio? and how can i apply them to a preamp?
Well I know resistors are needed to cut down the amount of voltage...is it voltage? I'm not sure....

Well I know that...for example...if you need 20 volts to power something, and you give it 25 volts, you're going to need a resistor.

Not sure how to apply that to a preamp though
For the first question: I can't explain that. I had to learn it myself.

Second: Here is a preamp schem. Read the caption, too. The sections of 3 slashes are resistors. The sections with two parallel lines are capacitors (non-polarized). The thing with an arrow pointing to it is a Field Effect Transistor (FET for short). Look up the definitions and stuff on your own; I hate explaining electronics to people with no knowledge of the subject. It always goes over their head.

EDIT: Use the search bar It helps.

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