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120 85%
16 11%
5 4%
Voters: 141.
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a half stack. peep the gear.
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My gear:
Ibanez Artist
ESP ltd Viper 200
Schecter Diamond 8

Marhshall MG30 (for sale)
Line 6 Spider III Half Stack (mine forever)
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Only a combo right now. I should be upgrading to a half-stack sometime in the near future though.
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What's a combo??

I have a piece of s*** Also known as a Traynor 25 Bass Mate
Epiphone G-400 Ebony
Line-6 UberMetal, EchoPark
Boss RC-2 Loop Station
Traynor YCV50Blue, Bass Mate 25, Guitar Mate 15
Sadly I have a ****ty little backstage amp, I'm investing in a halfstack when I get paid lol.
Got a decent Ibanez amp... find myself playing through my computer usually.
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Micro Cube and a Marshall AVT 100 (Combo).
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a practice amp,
when im gigging i have to borrow a friends amp....
most of the time i use my friends bandit
i have however got the chance to use my friends dual rectifier, which was amazing.
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Line6 LD175 combo.
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Man that's badass.

Right now a JCM800 half stack but i'm selling it to get an Orange Rocker30 Combo
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Fender Frontman 212R 100w combo amp.
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at home, i use my VOX da15 combo. small, portable, but it sounds great.
at the church where i play, i use my older sister's ex-boyfriend's ibanez half stack that he was unable to take with him to college. he screws over my sister, i make use of his amp. works for me =]
ive had everything - current like my mock up half/full/stereo panned stacks - chop and change
oh and eventually when i have some money, ill probably hook up a vader 212 cab to my 5150. So, essentially, it will be a half stack.
JCM 800 Combo.
By far the best thing I have... ever.
Jackson RR5
Epiphone LP Standard
Ibanez S370
Marshall JCM 800 4103 Combo
Roland Cube 60
Peavey bandit 112. Doesn't sound brilliant but amazingly versatile.
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A horrible Crate solid state 65 watt combo, I hate it...tone is horrible on it. Saving for an all tube Fender combo.
Marshall AVT 50! yeah man! £99 second hand BARGAIN!

Epiphone Les Paul Standard w/ SD Alnico Pro II's
Fender Aerodyne Telecaster & Stratocaster
Marshall JCM 800 4104 combo

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A ****ty Marshall Valvestate. It's in the shop again.

Big surprise. *rolls eyes*

Yea, but when it;s not, it probably sounds better than my MG15.
A 30something year old H//H valve amp.

It is amazing. Unfortunately the media have brainwashed me into wanting a new one, so I have to keep playing it to remind myself that I actually don't.
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Roland Cube 60
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