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ya, i was bored, and i was just wondering with all of you guys, how was your first fist fight?? like i remember mine, it was in grade one, cause a guy took my basketball lmfaoooo, but i won the fight. how about yours
Never been in a fight.
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Never had one.

What's with the weed leaf icon? Stoners don't fight.
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A kid ripped me off in Pokemon in kindergarden so I broke his breast plate with a block.
I don't think the pit is as brawling as it sounds. We are obviously not macho.
my first real one was freshmen year I believe. Our teacher got in the middle of me and they other guy and somehow broke her wrist. Fighting ain't cool.
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when enough rednecks start talking about how awesome it is, that's when it's defined as classic rock.
Three years ago, we were in a Dairy Queen parking lot and I was with my best friend. Some d-bags drove in and yelled stuff at us. I was like 'Dude, I banged your mom!' the guy goes 'My mom is dead you a**hole!" so I retort with 'Oh wow, that's why she was so dry.'

They got out, like 3 guys older than us and we got our asses sort of kicked. Gave two of them bloody noses though
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All your base are belong to us.
All your base are belong to us.
All your base are belong to us.
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Never had one.

What's with the weed leaf icon? Stoners don't fight.

I know tones of stoners who fight, i smoke weed and **** and i fight if a guy pisses me off
Never been in a fight.
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Year 5 of school.
I think I took the piss out of his 13 year old sister for being pregnant, he jumped on a table and tried to kick me, took his leg from under him, he fell and broke his arm.
He still doesn't like me much.
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I know tones of stoners who fight, i smoke weed and **** and i fight if a guy pisses me off

For some reason I think this thread was made to show off a super macho man.
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You are a very loving and smart carton of fries...

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when enough rednecks start talking about how awesome it is, that's when it's defined as classic rock.
never been in a fight, violence solves nothing
/hippie rant
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I'm surprised you returned to this thread after cheeseman owned you.
Well in grade 5 a punk punched me in my nose once in gym class, i fell back and everyone started chanting "fight" so I got up, pushed him twice until he was against a wall and then punched him across his face, it started to bruise minutes later... Needless to say the teacher didn't see.

Funny story, this kid went to the teacher later and told on me and he's the one who got in trouble because he hit me first, they didn't even tell my parents, a day later half of his face was swollen and bruised for another week and a half. We were friends after it though.
mine was in around second grade. the kid threw a rock at me, so i tackled him. He hit me twice in the chin, and i popped him once in the nose. I never actually felt his hits, but he started crying when i hit him.

Stupid rock thrower: ZERO Me: ONE.
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no im not super motcho, i never fight anymore (not in like 2 years), but i was just curious
Bunch of scalls kind of attacked us. Got kicked in the head (after being pushed over of course...) but we had got to some place that people were hanging around outside of so went inside and they ****ed off. More of an attack than a fight cause I was just trying to stop it escalating.
megadeth concert, i accidentally fell into a guy so he punched me, no pit or anything. i hit him back and guess i got a lucky shot cos he went down.
I beat a shopkeeper to death with his own shoe for a pack of M&Ms.
around year seven. Guy pushed my buddy so I pushed him and things sorta got out of hand. I punched him in the jaw and he hit me on the head. Teacher broke it up. Pretty pathetic really.
Anyway, fighting isnt good. Only fight in self defence, thats my motto
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In the second grade, my "boyfriend" dumped me, so I hit him with my bookbag.
That's the closest thing I've ever been in to a fight.
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My mate: Your gay
Me:**** you *punches my mate in the face; fight ensues*

Not that intresting realy........
multicolour random messge!

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Grade Two. A kid jumped out of a ditch at me and yelled " Die worm die." whilst beating me with a hockey stick. lol
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Never been in one yet. Which is weird because I love seeing them and want to get in one really bad. I guess im just afraid of not knowing what im doing and getting pounded. Im sure ill be in one before I turn 18. I need to live life a little
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I got in a fight with some guy at my school, but it wasn't really a fight, I just punched him in the face and he kinda waddled off.

Then the next day, people were coming up to me saying, "Hey Bon! Hey-- Your eye isn't black." And I'd be like, "huh?" And they'd say, "Well, Dave's been going around telling everybody he gave you a black eye."


Seriously, if you're gonna make up the results of a fight why would you use external injuries? Idiot.
Third garde, some punk stole something of mine and I hit him with a chair once and then we got into a real fight...I won...
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I've been in a couple that just got broken up
also, one time me, one guy friend and two chicks were gettin hassled by some chavs, there was like 12 of them, only four of us, they pushed my guy mate into a lake thing and we were just like 'f*ck this' walkin away, and one of them hit me in the face with a rock from behind. I turned round and shouted 'what the F*CK d'you do that for!?' and they bailed lol
I never understood it, I'm a weedy fecker haha
it was in grade 4. there was a kid in grade 6 who always got into trouble, called boyd, and he was extremely short. to give you an idea, he is now 20 years old and 155cm tall. anyway, i went up to him and called him some names, then he kicked me in the stomach and hit me a bit then i swung my arm around, hit him and he dropped haha. i didnt even get in trouble because everyone said that he started it
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Grade 7, so when I was about...12?

Basically, had my brand new baseball glove and was throwing a ball off of the wall, catching the rebounds. This tiny, weak kid about my age comes by, says some smart remark and then I threw my glove at him. Bad move. He grabs my glove, throws it in a puddle and stomps on it. I went ape**** and threw him against the wall and he cried out and what happens next is epic:

His huge, fatass friend sees this scuffle, looks at me and makes a grunting bull sound, puts his fingers up on his head to represent bull horns, and charges at me, knocking me over and then sitting on me. Oh my horrifying. Good thing he got suspended.

I don't really fight, 'cept for when I punched a kid in the eye on Spring Break.
I was around some preteen age. I was going to school at Taiwan because my grandpa was slowly succumbing to colon cancer, and I wanted to be with him in his last few months. So I start school there, a bit nervous because I was so new and different. Plus, it takes me a few weeks before I'm fluent in Mandarin again, so there was somewhat of a language barrier for a while.

So I get introduced to the class and all that, and the second school's out, I get cornered by these big bitches who kept saying "So do you think you're better than us because you're from America? Do you think you're better than us because of your brown hair?" and things like that. Finally, the leader (I assume) rears back to punch me, but I moved and hit her in the gut. That knocked her back and made an opening in the circle, and I got the hell out of there. They chased me for a bit but I managed to get away.

Not exactly a fully developed fist fight, I guess. But I did get in more fights after that, mostly because a few girls' boyfriends thought I was cute...

Needless to say, the animosity towards me was ridiculous. I got one busted lip out of at total of four fights, but nothing too serious. They stopped going after me after I allegedly "pushed" a girl down some steps. Really, she just tripped. But when word got out that we'd fought and she was all banged up and bruised, they all assumed I really kicked her ass and everyone backed off.

first real fight was this year, 13, at lacrosse practice, this kid was being a douche, so we had a lacrosse stick fight :] i owned him, slahsed him in the gut, so he tried to nock me down but he sorta bounced off my shoulder pads and fell, the when he was running, i stuck my stick between his legs and he fractured one :]
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