Sup guys and girls?!
Basically, I'm going to university in september and at the moment i have a 100 watt marshall, which I unfortunately i won't be able to crank up much in my little room!

So i plan to sell this, and buy a smaller practice amp, attributes needed include..

Two Channels
Cd In (or something i can plug my ipod into)
and the other standard requirements such as good sound etc..

Any suggestions are welcome! x

Budget = non existent at the moment, just looking for ideas..
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Roland Cubes are fairly nice, rather impressive i'd say, I got the Cube 15x, it has clean and distortion channel with some nice dist. models like Overdrive, Distortion, Metal, and Metal Stack. It has a treb, mid and bass knob(s). I believe the 30x come with a delay and reverb effects panel also...

The thing you'll notice most about these amps is the crisp sound they make, and how loud they go, you won't think you have a 15-30watt amp... Plus they have the line in you were wondering about, plus a headphone jack, and if need be, they have a 'Power Squeezer' button that will dramatically cut the sound, i think it like lets you use 2 watts of your amps power, it muddies the sound quite a bit, but awesome for practicing when friends are studying or trying to sleep. (I got to college also =) )

EDIT: they are surprisingly cheap also
CAN I HAS THE MARSHALLZZ? xDD seriously the cube is nice... try the cube street as well. they have nice effects.