Poll: What do you play guitar for?
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View poll results: What do you play guitar for?
For the girls and fame.
18 24%
Ehh its a hobby
41 55%
Guitar is my life
41 55%
Voters: 75.
Do you play guitar to get the girls,fame,money?
Is it just a hobby?
or is it a raw passion?
Use it or Abuse it: The Guitar Pandemic
i play for fun
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Pretty much just as a hobby. I think of it as a more productive way to spend my extra time.
This thread has been done, dude...
Spaghetti monster and all...
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all of the above
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a sport

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Oh, so it's sorta like real-life gaming, then?
Fun and the girls, eventually
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I voted for all, cause i fall into all those categories. It started as a hobby, and it grew. And I would someday like to be famous and have many women begging me for sex.
Bass has replaced video games for me.
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all of the above.
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it's pretty much my life
i hope to become famous one day, but not JUST for the girls and money and fame
but because i love guitar and music
i can't really see myself doing anything else lol
all 4
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play it for whn i have those hours where you have nothing to do and cant be bothered driving 2 minutes ot the beach, so you stick on some thrash or death, crank your amp up and play along!
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I said hobby/life. Though guitar isn't my life, music is my life.


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for fun
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