So i've been playing electric guitar for about a year now and i was wondering what a fun yet easy rock song would be to play on it. I also play acoustic and was wondering if you know any cool and fun songs on acoustic guitar.
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Stairway to Heaven
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electric: livin' lovin' maid by led zeppelin, back in black by ac/dc, yellow ledbetter by pearl jam
acoustic: wish you were here by pink floyd, love song by tesla (it's hard but a staple if you play acoustic)
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the intro to Welcome Home by Coheed & Cambria.
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chapter four by avenged sevenfold is fun for me, same with Unholy Confessions. i unnp why, they are just fun probably because of the harmonizing
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A couple good accoustic songs would be something like "Tonight, Tonight" by the Pumpkins, "Drive" by Incubus, "I Stay Away" by AIC, "Yellow Bedletter" by Pearl Jam, "Fade to Black" by Metallica and many others.

For electric, anything by Hendrix will serve you well (especially if you want to jam to friends), Zeppelin, PF, or any form of metal you so desire.
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Buy a ramones cd, and transcribe the whole thing. Than turn up your amp and thrash around to the best punks songs ever.
Raining Blood (kidding). Back in Black
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