Great stuff, my friend recently "reminded" me of them. I used to be into them way back and just totally forgot about them into my upper teens when I was angry and in angst (grrrr....lol) So my friend said she got a letter from their bassist and I was like, oh yea I remember them! So I Dl'd some of their stuff and its infectious as hell.

Any other fans?
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yeah i really like there first album with cornered and andrea. there good musicians, they've progressed out of the punk/third wave ska thing pretty much.
they are SO cool, but given my lack of cash and limewire, i cant get my hands on any material. if anyone could megaupload some and PM me that would be great
Sorry, I actually don't have any Rx Bandits. Wow, that's the first time that has happened.
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I have the album "Progress" on disc if you want me to get that to you somehow?

Really good band. Like how they've gone from generic pop-ska-punk to something much more progressive and intellectually engaging. Good ****.
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Mmm, I love RX Bandits. Never managed to see them, something always seems to go wrong or I'm not in the country, or something.
I can't really pick a favourite album, they're all awesome. I think it's a toss up between The Resignation and ...And The Battle Begun.