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5 45%
6 55%
Voters: 11.
my brother is having a tough time, choosing between Mizzouri or Univerty of Indiana
he wants to major in Journalism/ broadcasting but doesnt know if he will switch majors.

Just wondering if the pit has any input or advice thanks
those were the two schools i chose between too.

i ended up going to Mizzou for journalism, but I changed my major to Psychology after the first semester because it is really interesting.

So tell him not to worry about it

Mizzou is alot of fun; IU seemed cool too tho. I went with Mizzou and I'm not unhappy with my decision
Mizzou at Columbia right?
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Is he really trusting people he doesn't know with his choice. Shouldn't he like visit them or something?
IU. I know a cutie who is probably gonna go there.
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