We are from Orange County California. We have been practicing for 4 months now and we have 3 full songs done lyrics and everything. We are a metal band that compares ourself to Avenged Sevenfold and Iron maiden with mild elements of hardcore. The only thing holding us back is we dont have a singer (were not looking for a screamer). If anyone lives in orange county or around it and is looking for a great band that practices every week and is going to record very soon and play shows soon. You can contact us on our myspace.


We have 3 improv videos (THEY ARE NOT OUR SONGS)
good luck with that. you live in the oc so i don't think you'll have too much trouble finding a singer
Hey guys. I'm a student at Pepperdine University in Malibu, so not quite next door, but close. I watched some of the videos on myspace, and you guys are pretty good. I think I could sing for you. I think our influences are a little different, mine being more toward the Eagles, all the way to Bon Jovi, but that could be a cool mix I think. The only thing is, we get out of school in 3 weeks and then I'm going home to Tennessee for the summer. I'll be back next year, but if your need os more urgent I'm afraid I can't help you out. Let me know what you think. As far as experience goes, I'm in a gospel quartet, but not a normal lame one, we do some pretty innovative stuff, but it's all a cappella. We released our first CD this past summer, so I know about the whole recording deal. I've been performing in several concerts around here in Malibu with a friend of mine, so I've done the performance thing too. I also play guitar, but you guys are much better than me it looks like, so I'll stick to the singing. Alright, well I guess thats it, hope to hear from you.

-Devin Darnell
Yeah, the myspace site is myspace.com/sonlight4. We dont have any videos up, but there are a couple songs on there. I sing lead, and start the first 2 songs by myself. I also arranged most of our stuff if that means anything to you.
If I could sing for cr*p and wasn't so old...I would be there for ya! But as a fellow OC'er want to wish you luck!!!