Well i've been doing my share of research lately and i've come down to a couple of conclusions on what I'd want to buy. I've been looking at orange amos for a while because i heard you can get some great tone(by the way i'm a metal/rock guitarist, so i'm looking for something with great distortion) and i was wondering if anyone had a ballpark figure on how expensive their 100 watt 1x12 would be. Any comments on having used them before would be appreciated too.

While i've done my research on orange i've also taken my time to check out the Roland cube 60 and have read nothing but great reviews. I know that the amp is about 300-400$ but i was wondering how much store-bought it would be. Apparently i've heard that the cube 60 is the best in it's class

I'm not asking you to compare these amps because lets face it a 60 watt vs. a 100 watt isnt fair, but i was wondering which one is most worth its money.

P.S.i only have about 300-350 budget max.
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