Is there any way to play something on your midi controller then play something different over it with out pressing and buttons with your mouse but on the controller? So like play something then it automatically loops while you play a new track?
I'm not sure about the question you are asking. Does the whole thing need to be done without using a mouse ?
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I'm thinking he's asking whether he could create new tracks and record with those just by using his MIDI controller. If any software can do that, it's Ableton Live, which specializes in the non-linear recording you're hinting at. Try asking their forums.
That's what I thought, and it can be done, by assigning controller keys etc. But it all depends on the controller and the software. I assume this is for a live setup?
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ya its to play live. I don't want to have to click around in my comp in the middle of a performance.
i thought he was talking about the function where he can just keep recording multiple takes of the same loop of recording then pick the best or compile them into a "best take". this is a function i think that is exclusive to pro tools and other hi end recording softwhere. if you play in record loop mode it saves all your takes then you drop the best in or a compilation of a couple.
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^^ Maybe I am misunderstanding what you are talking about, but from how it sounds to me, you can do that in nearly every recording software.
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I'm using garage band. I have another question too. How do i hook up the midi controller to play live and it be through the pa or something?
Well, I think how it should work is this -

Run the MIDI controller into your computer (obviously),set up your softsynth, then run the line outs from your soundcard/audio interface into the PA system.
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Fridge's advice works assuming the PA's active. Stick it in an amplifier or powered mixer if it's not.