hello all
i play a mexi tele with a hot rod deluxe. i need better distortion than what is built in on the hot rod. im looking for something that can produce a real scratchy tone especially when playing chords. something around $100 im guessing....i have more if something is really worth it. some suggestions would be appreciated so i can try some out at GC before i buy. thanks
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Scratchy? Sounds like a DS-1 or DS-2.
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you could try an ehx metal muff . it's actually a really versital pedal. i prefer the line 6 uber metal though. they both can get a **** load of tones and sounds.
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not really interested in a metal sound. i want something that can bring out the high end kinda i guess. can the ds-1/ds-2 produce a sharp distortion?
A Fulltone for $100? Good luck.

I'd guess the 'scratchy' tone you mean would be achieved by a TS-type overdrive with the treble at about 2PM, the gain low and the level high. A DS-1 might be a bit too harsh, the speakers in the Hot Rods ae already quite piercing.
Maybe a BBE Green Screamer, Guyatone OD2, Ibanez TS9, Digitech Bad Monkey or ProCo Rat.