Hey, just wondering what everyone thinks about the Squier Jagmaster II vs. the Ibanez Jetking 2, 3 or 4. Regardless of playing experience, which is simply the most versatile, better built, and better sounding of the two, to be used for blues, rock, maybe some punk, but nothing as high gain as metal or anything. Thanks.
Jet King all the way
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I like the Jetking better. It has better wood (mahogany as far as I know) and I like the pups. Especially older versions of the Jet King are good, as they had the Ibanez Super58 pickups which handle rock and blues better than other Ibanez pups.
Jetking all the way, of 12 guitars, I use the jetking most for everything. (unless I play metal)
I've played both, and I'm saving for a Jagmaster...the one I tried had a great feel on the neck, and I love the strat trem. Pups were okay, but they can always be replaced. Plus, I love Bush, and the Jagmaster is basically Gavin Rossdale's sig model.
I had to make this decision about a year ago.

Here are some observations to make:

1. The Jagmaster has a slightly shorter scale neck
2. The Jagmaster also is made of a lighter body wood
3. The Jetking 2 is very heavy
4. The Jetking 2 also has coil splits, meaning you can get single coil tones
5. The Jetking 2 has a string through body, meaning more sustain. If you plan on using the tremolo more, you'd want to invest in something better than the squier tremolo.
6. The Jagmster will get less sustain.
7. The Jagmaster body feels different than the Jetking body.

In the end, the Jetking is a better deal. More sustain, less headache later when you arent using the tremolo, Coil splits for more versatility.
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Not going on playability, the Jet King is a bit better built and feels more like a quality product than most Squiers. If you hunt around you can find some really good ones though. Even pukka USA Jagmasters can be a little finnicky at times, the trem and grounding can on occasion cause trouble if you buy the guitar without playing it first.
I really like my Jagmaster, it's got a way faster neck then the Jetking. Also, it's got a 24" scale and I've got kinda little hands. I've hardly put mine down since I got it.

As far as wood goes, the Jagmaster is alder, and while I prefer mahogany, there isn't a 'better' wood.
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