he,s been going to key cities in america according to the guitar center magazine i just got in the mail.

was it cool?
did he stay long?
did he talk to people or just pull a g3 and jam the whole time?

im not gonna drive 30 miles to gc seattle WA from lake stevens WA just to see him if he's only gonna be there for a 30 min.
chances are he'll be there for a while because hes probably going to have a clinic and a Q and A with the fans, then sign autographs.
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i went to the rockville one

it was pretty cool, he played some songs from his new album, and a couple of his older hits (no surfing with the alien though >.<
then he goes a little bit of a Q&A thing
then its a massive signing thing, he doesnt leave until everyone gets an autograph
you can get your pic taken with him too
i went to the plymouth meeting one. he played about 6 or 7 songs, answered some questins and then did autographs. hell of a nice guy, worth going if you can