The courteeners new album Saint Jude came out or comes out
very soon. Theyve done pretty well with their singles so far
Acrylic etc. And NME reckons that 2008 will be their year!? being from manchester
theyve been linked to Oasis and the next manc band, but others have said
that there gonna be the real deal since the libertines!? what does evryone think!?
heard of em?? if not check em out!?? but should we believe the hype for once............!?

Plastecine being molded into a LIbertine dream.......
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I chat with one of them on msn ha ha, he sent me their stuff and it sounds ace, I didn't know they had a single or stuff though!!! I thought they were very impressive and I hope they do well
ye their doing okk but they haveent been around
all that long! you know them!! jealus!!!
u talk to the bloke from the courteeners give us his msn m8 plz im rite big fan of them since cavorting came out goin m8 plz