Im just looking for some folk-ish instrumental songs. I don't want anything like satch, gilbert or like classical guitar virtuosos. Just some instrumental songs on steel string acoustics and mandolins and banjos, etc. I have the smoothie song and I f*cking love that song. Some just something similar to that song. Thanks
Try some BIll Monroe, WAY more traditional than Nickel Creek bluegrass-wise but is incredible. Some of his instrumentals are "Bluegrass Breakdown", "Shenandoah Breakdown", "Scotland", "Roanoke", "Bugle Call Rag", "Orange Blossom Special", "Old Joe Clark", "Kentucky Mandolin" and the epic "My Last Day's on Earth".

For some more progressive stuff there's the New Grass Revival, the only instrumentals of theirs I know are "Metric Lips" and "Bigfoot".

And of course "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" by Flatt and Scruggs (Which you may notice is actually just one chord different from "Bluegrass Breakdown" by Bill Monroe, whom Flatt and Scruggs used to play for, the thieving bastards.

EDIT: forgot David Grisman Quintet. It's jazzy instrumental stuff with bluegrass instruments, really good. David Grisman is a legend.
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Life By the Drop- Stevie Ray Vaughn

You could make it an instrumental.
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