k i need a new amp, amps i have now are a marshallmg30dfx, and a peavey blazer 158. gutiars i have are a 1992 peavey predator and a gibson les paul studio swamp ash(yay! awsome guitar) i play rock,blues, and some heavy stuff.

not total sure how much i can spend but probable
400-600should i save up more get a better amp?? my school has this marshall amp i think it's dsl100 cab and a dsl50 head that i can buy not sure how much but should i buy that?? how much would it go for used??

if you need any more details just ask.
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DSL's go for about $500-600 US on ebay

the cab would probably be a Marshall 1960, about $500

or you could be smart and get the combo for $550
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this is barely a question. only an idiot would buy a zune.
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Have a look around for a used Traynor YCV combo. Better than the Marshall DSL in all respects.

k i'll have a look at those