wats ur fav type of pickup?

do u perfer single coil or humbucker?

wat style of the pickup?

a noiseless single coil perhaps?

a texas single coil?

a metal humbucker?

a full rich classic rock humbucker?

P-90s for anything but metal.
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i like EMG's
humbucking pickups are my favs
but it all depends on the type of guitar
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No favorite brand.
uh anything metal and versatile

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They each have their use; a single coil wouldn't be the best choice for metal as far as i'm concerned but I wouldn't use a humbucker for funk.
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i love the SD dimebuckers, with all my mids down and my bass at 10 and my treble at 11, then to molest a whammy bar.

JK, rip dimebag.

but i like the SD sh-4
Any of these

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