When i plug in my guitar to my amp i dont get any sound out of it. what could it be?
Is your volume up on the guitar?

Are you plugged in?

Is the volume up on the amp?

Is it plugged in?

Does your patch chord work?

Is it plugged in?

Do your pedals work?

Are the batteries dead?

Are you plugged in?
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a lot of things could be wrong with it, bud...
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try ur guitar on a friends amp, or a friends guitar on ur amp and that might give some insight into the problem
About a million things, matey. To continue where H4T3BR33D3R left off:

Does the amp light come on?

If you touch the tip of the lead plugged into the amp does it buzz?

Are you using any pedals and do they light up okay?

Have you got the input/output the right way round on any pedals?

Are you remembering to pluck the strings?
I plugged in my guitar to my brothers amp and no sound. My brothers guitar and my friends work when they are plugged in. I think it might be the wiring.