since i'm not a part of any band, i will be playing an instrumental "song" called "preludio obsesivo". now i am about to **** in my pants
If you sh*t your pants i'm not cleaning it
Trust me I'm a doctor

A doctor with a mustache
it doesn't matter if you screw up, just don't get nervous. if you don't get nervous even if you screw up they won't notice and everything will be fine.
there'll be alot of people watching, better keep your eyes on the ball...balls on the prize...eyes on the.....

take 2, there'll be alot of people watching, better not screw up!

use take 2..

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Quote by Number42
have you even heard the song?

That wasn't his point.

The point was that you made a thread that had no purpose behind it, except to say how nervous you are.

You didn't ask for advice, or ask for people to tell stories, or anything.
if I have learned one thing from UG it is that that song will do you no good in the "getting some" department, sad really because that sing sounds hard.