First of all, yes im a "noob" yes im **** etc etc,

Okay, several questions

1) If you have a very good multi effects pedal board or similiar, (hypothetically giving u everything u would ever want) are the amp controls and effects pointless?

2) Does the amp overdrive and other effects have advantages over pedals?

3)With amp heads and cabinets, the sound is "produced" in the head and then beamed to the cabinet (am i wrong?) and if this is so, can you potentially mitch and match heads and other cabinets from different companies? maybe a 100 watt head and then just feed it to a 5 watt cabinet from a different company if you wanted a smalll practice amp?

4) If i was to get a good amp, would i lose the need for a multi effects system? what things would i still need pedals for?

5) Can you potentially have a really good amp head, and then connect it to a high quality low voltage speaker to produce a good tone, without needing a 120 watt cabinet if for example you wanted a high quality practice amp.

My basic misunderstanding is this, why do certian people have giant half stack speakers with multi channel heads, when they just use effects pedals and lose the need for any of the effects of the amp?

Sorry if i spelt something wrong or im **** etc etc and...

thankyou for any explanation.
1) No, an amp would still be used to get the main sound.
2) Amp head overdrive generally sounds much better than a distortion pedal.
3) Yes you can mix and match cabinets and heads, but you could not run a 100 watt head into a 5 watt cabinet, there would be too much power. The cabinet has to be big enough to hand the power of the head.
4) effects systems/pedals are used for things such as delay, reverb, wah, etc. they are never necessary, but they can be nice to have.
5) As I already mentioned, you would need a speaker big enough to handle the power of the head. If the speaker is too small, it won't be able to handle the load.
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1. Usually onboard effects aren't all that great. Depending on the amp though, the overdrive channel may be better without a pedal, or could benefit from
a pedal
2. Conveinence/ & like a said with the overdrive it depends on the amp
3. The amp "amplifies" the sound. Makes it loud and colors the sound. And no, a 100 watt head would obliterate a 5 watt cabinet. Watts is a measurement of power. It'd be like hooking up a 500 hp V-8 to a go-kart transmission.
4. sorta. The tone and overdrive would be better from the amp. You may like the chorus/flange, etc. of the effects.
5. Once again, no. The speaker has to be able to handle the amount of power generated by the amp.
Hooking a 100W head up to a 5W cabinet would, without question, damage both units. Always have more wattage in your cab than your head. Always always always.