anything on this amp head is appreciated
my biggest question is the cleans?
how are they
i've heard the 800 and 900's don't have very good cleans or headroom for that matter
i play classic rock, hard rock, grunge, metal, all that stuff
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it is a single channel amp, so you run the clean/dirty from your guitar's volume control. they aren't as good as like a deluxe reverb, but they work fine in may situations. the 800 would have better cleans than the 900, and is pretty perfectly suited to your style. one thing to keep in mind is you use delay and phaser which would commonly go in an FX loop, which the JCM 800 doesnt have. you could get one added by the like of david bray or someone similar though
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You'd have to use an overdrive pedal for metal tones.

EDIT: I see you already have one.
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