I dont know much about electrics. As i have played acoustic for 10 years.
But i was recently handed a gibson LP special with p90s?

Can anyone give me any feedback on this guitar.
you my friend got very lucky
that is probably a great guitar
i tried an epi with p90's i believe and it sounded fantastic
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Pretty good guitar. P-90s are awesome.

But for FREE?

You must have a really awesome friend.

That, or you're in the mob and he's afraid of you.
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Man, you suck. Les Pauls are usually known for their thick humbucker tone, but the single coils (P90s are single coil pickups) aren't as thick as the humbuckers. It's probably a great guitar, nonetheless... although it is a special...
yea a Gibson LP with p-90s for ****ing free. You got the awesome deal on that one man.
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O.o It's horrible. You should box it up and ship it to me.

Just kidding of course, it's a very nice guitar. The P90s tend to be a bit noisy when plugged into an amplifier, but Gibson Les Paul is top o the line electric. Tell your friend thanks.
I will put up pictures when i find my camera.
Its the faded red cherry colour, rosewood fretboard, and what I assume is a mahaugany(sp) body.

whats a good amp to get, under 1500$ canadian. Im looking for a sort of bluesbreakers era clapton tone.