Just sold my Fender Cyber Deluxe (mostly because of car issues and needing the money for repairs). I liked the amp mostly because of it's versatility even though it did have a nasty hiss at higher volumes. I'm looking for something in the 15-30 watt category as i'm more of a bedroom player and don't play with others too much. Just need something portable. Also i would like something with a good overdrive channel. I play a lot of the early 90s stuff (Tool, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Porcupine Tree, etc.) so i need something with some muscle. I do enjoy a good clean channel as well. Built in effects not a must but wouldn't be a bad idea. I've seen some Vox's out there as well as a few other amps that are fairly cheap and seem to offer a good bang for the buck.

P.S.- anyone have any experience with these?



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those r just links to musiciansfriend, i see no products
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ive only messed around with the vox valvetronix ad series.there pretty nice amps and the 15 watt one is like 250 dollars.
Usually I shirk at the sight of the letters 'DFX', but the Edition Blue is alright for the price. You could go for the Epiphone Valve Jr/Blackheart Little Giant/Peavey Royal 8 if you want 'proper' overdrive, but don't expect much in the way of built-in gain. They're all 5-8W, which is at least as loud as a 30W solid state.
Well the thing is, i really want something with some balls. I play a lot of heavy stuff. When i had my Cyber Deluxe it basically stayed on the 'Modern' setting the whole time.
Modern? VK's are very modern voiced.
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Ok, any other suggestions? Anything i haven't looked at or should look at? I wanna get as many options as possible.
Roland Cubes.
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