Hey everyone,

I'm thinking about putting my beloved guitar, a 72' Telecaster Deluxe Custom, under the knife this summer and switching out the fender wide range pickups for a Seymour Duncan JB and 59'.

While at guitar center the other day, I played a gretch which was equipted with a bigsby and was blown away with how much fun it was to play and how inspired I became with the additional power of expression!!

My question is wondering what bigsby would be right for this tele and how much "damage' would be done in installing it!? I know there are about 6 different bigsby models out there and was wondering which would work the best ... and I like how the arch-top style goes to the back of the guitar, so would that work or do I need a gibson style bigsby or what?

I really appreciate all the help! Thanks ahead of time ...
I'm pretty sure this one is your only option :

I don't think a Tele body is big enough to accommodate the larger Bigsbys.
that is the bigsby you want, but be careful- bigsbys go out of tune faster than my crappy chinese epiphone. i suggest locking tuners to go along with the bigsby
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The Bigsby B5/B50/B500 will work fine, though it's only a tailpiece so you may need to buy a separate bridge - the one supplied is usally for a traditional tele.

As the JB and '59; good choice, hope it goes well.
Thanks so much for the quick responses!! I've heard that bigsby curse thing before ... and will probably go that route, as not to piss of the guitar gods. But whenever I look at the Fender Bigsby, it always comes with a tele bridge ... which is useless to me as I'm sporting dual humbuckers. Any advice?

And actually; the more I've been thinking about the pickups, the more I'm wondering about switching to EMG's ... an 81/60 set. My friend just bought an ESP with that set in it and it sounds amazing! I realize it's active, but that can be an easy fix ... anyone have any experience with this?

Thanks guys!
that stetsbar wouldn't work with normal humbuckers. He want's to put some humbuckers in his guitar