Hey UG! As you may have guessed, I need help deciding what to do w/ one of my band's members. Our band was formed a few months ago, and it consists of a vocalist, and two guitarists. Its an acoustic rock band, so I'm hoping that makes sense. Now, I've been playing for well over a year now, and the vocalist has a pretty awesome voice, but our other guitarist is just starting out on guitar! I don't want to kick her out out of the blue, b/c it might cause problems being as we're all friends and the vocalist might get mad at me, but on the otherhand, she's just starting and can't even memorize a few chords or strumming patterns! I don't know how slow the band will go if she stays in the band, but I don't want to hurt her feelings and anger the vocalist by kicking her out!

Help please!
Do ya'll gig? If you do, I say you let her sit a few shows out until she gets better. You've only been playing a year, so she should be able to catch up pretty quick (IF she practices). You should help her out a bit. If you don't gig, then just work with her. As long as she has a good attitude, she should make progress.
Help her learn.
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It really depends on how serious you are. If you plan on gigging soon then maybe finding a temporary replacement would be the best choice. If you have no intention on gigging just yet then by all means help her out. Teach her chords/scales and tell her to write them down.

If she still can't remember what to play then maybe she doesn't practice enough, in that case sit down with her and tell her the situation. If she cares then she'll try her best to learn, if not she'll carry on as usual....
give her the simplest parts you can, and help her learn. My band is in a similar situation right now, only it's both the other guitar player and the bassist that are this way. The guitar player seems to be taking it more seriously that the bassist (he is using my bass to practice right now, which is why he is taking so long to learn probably, lol cuz he doesn't take it home with him) Just give her the most help you can.
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