Is this amp capable of generating thrash metal tones? (Metallica/Megadeth) Is it reliable and do you think it could handle a gig? If so how many people would you say?



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It's not going to sound much good for thrash metal without using an overdrive pedal. A new speaker would also give it more than a modern voice. It's also quite reliable, like most stuff Peavey make. other than fresh El84s every year or two it should need no further attention.

And as for 'could it handle a gig', are you joking? 50W is enough to be heard several blocks away; more than few minutes at full volume and your audience would be risking permanent hearing damage.
More than loud enough for a gig. Terrible for thrash metal. Maybe with like a distortion pedal it could almost do thrash but it wouldnt sound to hot
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Yup, its good for some lower gain metal but not hardcore or thrash. Its good at everything except stuff that needs alot of gain stuff

I love it for classic and hardrock, blues and jazz are also awesome. But i recommend other amp for metal, like the valvveking or b-52 though the cleans are okay. If you got money get a Mark IV used
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