hey guys. I'm thinking of buying a new guitar and I need some advice. Are online stores such as Ebay, musicians friend, etc. a safe bet. Like am I investing in something worth my money (Quality, actually recieving the guitar, cost, etc). Any advice you guys have would be greatly appriciated .
Musicians Friend is definently legit. Ebay, not so much - someone could really rip you off there if you're not careful.
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I got my $800 guitar off ebay, just make sure its from one of ebay's online stores and not from RandomAss26.
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craigslist is a better alternitive to ebay... it's local so you can actually pick up your item in person.
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Musicians Friend=Good.

They are a very good business and ive had no problems with them whatsoever.
Ive never had expirence with Ebay, but you should really be careful there. People have been ripped off there before. Im not saying its a bad place to get stuff, but its not as safe as musicinas friend.
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For onlines store, you're fine.

As for ebay, if the guy looks legit as well as the product, the go for it. Just get good pictures and a good description. His feedback rating is also something you need to take into consideration.

There are also stores that frequent sellers have that they sell guitars, parts and other junk from. So you get the low price of ebay, the gutiar of your dreams and the guarantee that it is being shipped from a store. I have bought god knows how many things, never been ripped. Go to the "stores" tab to take a look at all the different store on ebay.
Anyone else remembering that thread where that dude posted a picture of his friend opening his guitar case to get the guitar he bought off e-bay, and it was just a big pole inside?
On-topic - musicians friend is good
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