great job dude, it's a good song... i like the way you sing the verses, all muted and whispy... you could kill your voice if you sing ALL your songs like that but it's appropriate and quite nice for this! i'd make the verses louder in the mix, as well. it's got a great vibe. i'd love if you added progressively more instruments towards the end (strings!!!!!!), or perhaps raised your voice and upped the intensity for more dynamic. this is all nitpicking and may just be a reflection of my own taste though. overall, great job.
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Thanks, I will work on the mixing and am going to add some instruments later. I plan on adding more verses and some more riffs here and there. This will kind of be an on going project for when I have nothing else Im working on. Thanks for the input, and I posted in your thread .
ur vocals are the part that stand out for me, its a really good voice the style of music u are singing. the bass line is an awesome part between the lyrics, obviously i would of liked a longer song, but the ideas are awesome and like i said before ur vocals are great keep it up very nice work
I think the vocals could use some reverb. I think they're too much in the "front." The reverb would add some much need space. I'm not really a fan of the effect on the guitar (auto-wah?), either, but that's a personal preference.

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