Hey guys,
I have a fixed bridge guitar and I'm routing out in the body a space for a floating tremolo. Thats all good, but my neck doesn't have pads, and nuts, like a floating tremolo, so how do I put those in? Thanks!
Im pretty sure youll have to unglue the nut, and rout room for a new one
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What guitat is it? You will need to route out the body for a trem. Unless you have a super nice guitar, it would probably be better just to save up for a guitar with a trem
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Try in the gear building and customising forum; you'll get some good help there but you might get a lot of people telling you it's not a good idea.
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A locking nut requires routing into the neck and drilling some holes to mount it. It has to be done pretty good as you cant just file down a locking nut after its put in like a regular one.