Im looking to start recording my album this summer and I want to cover Night Moves by Bob Seger. I love Seger's version but I want to make it my own so I want to cover it similiar to how Metallica covered Turn the Page. I want to make it harder with the use of power chords instead of the regular chords used in the song but probably keeping the same strum pattern. So I have most of the main chords used in the song and I have converted them to power chords but I need help with chords like Bm, Am, Cmaj7, and G7. So how would I make these into power chords?
Don't quite think this is the right thread for this post. However, even though the chords in question aren't base chords.. the root notes, the one's that take place in the power chords are still the same. There for Bm, Am, Cmaj7, and G7 would be just B A C and G power chords. You could branch off of that and add the minors and maj7s in a lead fashion of some sort. Good luck w/ the album!
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