Neck: For a really good clean or nice lead.
Neck+Mid: For a really bluesy, fat tone.
Mid: I don't really use this much, I guess when I want a lot of bite from my tone.
Mid+Bridge: Replaced it with Neck+Bridge for a really warm smooth tone.
Bridge (Humbucker): I use it when playing classic rock or heavier stufff (mine seems to be really quacky and crunchy, perfect for Zeppelin )

so, how about you guys? I'm really curious as to what you guys use your strats for.
Pink Floyd
Gotta love the HSS..neck/middle combo is perfect for cleans, and the bucker can get awesome classic rock to lighter metal sounds.
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Does you humbucker sound really quacky and have a lot of reverb? Mine does for some reason.
Pink Floyd
I use a Les Paul Deluxe, but just on guitars in general I'm a neck pickup *****. I love that smooth creamy sound of the neck pickup for most anything but the hardest of rock, metal and punk.
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Usually, its like this. I use my Bridge Humbucker (Seymour Duncan) for distorted rythm playing, and my neck pickup for cleans and distorted lead. I cant get over a warm smooth tone for my lead playing. Bridge pups are just too bright for my lead.
Although, I recently installed a Neck-On switch, which lets me use my Bridge and Neck pups at the same time. So, I can get that crunchy, bright tone from the Bridge combo'd with a bassier tone from the Neck. Together, it produces a gorgeous "Scooped" sound for riffage.
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I use them all, depends on how I feel at the time

Sometimes you have to use a particular setting though, like Sweet Home Alabama = bridge and middle.
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Quote by Grimpenguin
Does you humbucker sound really quacky and have a lot of reverb? Mine does for some reason.

I dunno about strat but my Ibanez Bridge has alots of that. Never a fan of it so I often used the neck humbucker pickup.

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neck:cleans, nice thick leads
bridge: humbucker. distortion. leads. going to switch to a fralin "vintage hot" single coil though.

i don't use the 2,3 and 4 positions. Maybe sometimes the middle. Maybe I should switch to the 3 position switch. heard it sounds better.
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I pretty much use the neck all the time for most things, sometimes middle, and sometimes the neck+bridge for cleans
American Strat HSS w/ Tex Mex pickups

Neck: Fat, bassy ballsy, blues tone. Mainly for Hendrix and SRV deep blues and acid.
Neck+Middle: Generally use for cleaner stuff, Jazz and sparkling cleans.
Middle: Alittle brighter, I use it alot for some tinny sounding rock.
Middle+Bridge: Country and only country twang.
Bridge: Heavy distorted rock, and I turn down the tone knob for a B.B. King vibe.
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I've got an HSS strat with EMGs. I don't leave the bridge much, 'cept for the occasional clean on the neck.
i cant believe so many use the neck pick up all the time. i only use it if im playing clean/blues

i love the bridge pick up because it is so clear for lead/hendrix play
Do you guys prefer a humbucker in the bridge or a single coil? I love the bucker in mine, gives a really nice crunchy Zeppelin/ACDC tone. Whats weird is that my strat using neck+Bridge gives a really warm, neck humbuckerish tone. like that of a les paul almost.
Pink Floyd
Three singles for me. I don't really need the humbuckers' tone right now. And if someday I do, I'll get a LP

- Neck: leads and some clean stuff
- Neck + Middle: blues and clean
- Middle: some ryhtm and clean stuff, but usually when I want more drive
- Middle + Bridge: some clean and funky rythm and solos
- Bridge: more funky rythm

But most of the time I use the neck, neck+middle and middle+bridge positions.
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Use them all but I probally use the out of phase position betwen the middle and neck for the rhythym playing the most.
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The American deluxe strats have the S1 that puts em in series right? Does any1 have one of those, I'm really wondering if those get a humbucker tone considering humbuckers are wired in series as well.
Pink Floyd