Im getting a new guitar! Im on a budget of maybe 400$ (might be able to go up to 450 or so). I play mainly rock, and a little metal. I am taking back My gretsch corvette for full price (neck issues). so please give me some suggestions. Models would be very helpful, more then just ESP, or Ibanez, ect...

In that case you can go for an Ibanez RG350 or a Schecter Gryphon. Remember, even though a strat ripoff looks the same there's a major difference in sound.
what do you think about the PRS Santana? i think its Korean made and last time i checked they had one used at my GC its prob still there. its used but i didnt get to play it. about 400$ 350 around there
You can always order online from GC. Guitars usually have free shipping and you can take it back to a store if you don't like it.