i have a epi les pauls custom bob marley edition, but it came with humbuckers.
so since i recently got a fender strat, im gona put the humuckers in my squer strat (not sure if im gona go HSS or HSH) and get a pair of P90s to put in my LP for a more of a bob sound.

but im not sure how much i should be spending, or what brand to go with so any adivce would be helpful

and what about some used ones off ebay?

The Gibson P94N is a direct fit for humbuckers. The thing is P90 are usually a different size (soapbar) so you'll have to get a humbucker sized P90. Or you could do a little surgery. I'm not sure if dogears fit in a humbucker cavity or not. I like the sound of P90s so I'm trying to be a little useful until someone more knowlegable comes along.
Yeah, p90s are smaller than the hole that the humbucker sat in on your les paul, so buying a standard sized p90 is out, unless, like the guy above me said, you do some cavity surgery.

I know Guitarfetish.com has some humbucker sized p90s, so does seymour duncan. Alot of other big companies do as well. Look around for "humbucker size p90s"

Good luck
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thanks, i think im gona order the ones off guitar fettish, theyre pretty cheap so if they dont work out, at least its not that big of a deal but im not sure, have you heard them play?
Seymour duncan has a Humbucker which can be split into a P-90 or a normal single coil. That'll probably fit perfectly, and also give you more tonal variety.

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