Well im off to UMASS Dartmouth next year for engineering!

That being said I dont think im gonna be able to bring my amp with me due to size, volume and such.

So what do you recommend? A headphone jack is a must though (i play late at night a lot)

Spider Jam or GDEC maybe?
Line 6 Flextone?
ROland Cube?

(ps before you tell me wrong forums or search bar, ive tried both and gotten zero help)
Dartmouth UMASS
and shorten that
sorry i had to

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I have my Zoom G2.1u with me...it's good to have a pedal to mess around with. The Microcube's also a good choice. Heck, if your computer's good enough, get a Toneport or software amp system (like Izotope's Trash) and a good DI.