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I tried them out side by side at the store (the palomino v32 and the classic 30)

I liked the v32. It had a much better, marshally distorted sound. For cleans, I think both amps are nearly equal. I couldn't really decide which one was better clean.

I just bought a v32 on ebay for $345

Make sure it's an American made one if you want to buy a palomino. The newer ones are Vietnam made and I have heard bad things about them (the palomino I tried in the store was vietnam made, so I guess maybe they're not ALL bad).

According to guitarcenter.com, they raised the prices of the palominos again (I think). 15w used to be only $280, now it's $400. 30w used to be $400, and now it's $500.
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I tried them both out.
Even with a USA palomino.

I enjoyed the palomino, but I felt that the classic had a bit more of a raunchy drive which I like. The cleans were pretty much on an equal level.
It's just personal preference. They're both stellar amps for the price.
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