That's ****ing awesome.

Although it sort of takes away from playing a song right the first time through.
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This actually was posted before. It looks like an awesome plugin...and it's not too expensive either.
yeah. but you could just strum a horribly out of tune guitar with no discernible rhythm and make it sound great.
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I am a little skeptical.... the demo version is always better than the actual program. I wonder how many (real) people have tried this and liked it... or at least found it necessary.
But then again, their other products are astonishing, so this one might well be the real deal too....

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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It does look amazing, I can't believe it would work as good as they show it...

And I enjoyed the 'meedi' too lol.
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sweet jesus.
seems like cheating though :/

No one complains about turning Piano into midi and having amatures like me be able to play complex material without actually needing to learn to play the piano. I think this will be a great tool for people who don't know how to play the guitar but know how to compose music. You can strum your open strings in a good pattern and then make chords out of it afterwards. There's loads of other possibilities with this program, but that's one that I think will be great for producers who can't play guitar and can't afford to hire a studio guitarist.
*jaw drops*

It's everything I've always dreamed of.....

And I recognies the classical guitar piece when they started chaniging the key.

I guess it is cheating form a technical point of view, but from a composers point of view it's just a way of doing things you couldn't before, and making everything easy. Unfortuantely it's way to pricy for me.... otherwise it would be great to have.

Just a couple of things I noticed though:

They never changed the pitch drastically. I'm guessing you alter it too much and you lose sound quality.

It was all done with acoustic guitar.... I dunno how it would cope with distortion.