For an amp on ebay that I am looking at, under the listing name of the amplifier, the seller has put "ALL EL84'S ARE GROOVE TUBES"

What exactly does this mean? I did a little research and it seems like this amp (American made palomino v32) already comes stock with "groove tubes"

So why did this person feel like he had to specify it?

Is it to assure the customers that he didn't modify it at all?
probably just to trick some noob into thinking it has upgraded tubes.
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probalye to let you know what brangd of tubes its got. While the power tubes do influence the tone, you should make sure it got decent preamp tubes in iit because they do most of the tone work.
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If everybody lists their amps as having Groove Tubes, people that don't know any better are going to assume that they are great or something.

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