I am going to learn 'Oasis' by Kotaro Oshio.

The tuning is AEEF#BE

The top 3 strings are reasonable, as well as the D string tuning up to an E, and the A going down to an E. But the 6th string.. is that REALLY going down all the way to an A? I have heavies but changing back to mediums soon.. will my string be shaking everywhere? 3.5 steps.?

yeah it sounds like an A to me. have you considered using a B string for not only the B string but also the high E string? i think it'd work nicely for this tuning.

also... this is a really nice piece. never heard it. thanks for sharing.
Use a B string for the thicker sound you mean? (as opposed to tuning, because high e stays the same.)

Would I then have to buy an E,A,D,G,B,B string all in separate packets instead of one pack of strings?

Also, I have heard that heavy strings (which I am using now, going back to mediums though) are good for tuning down, and light strings are good for tuning up. I am not good with strings, so is this true?

Sorry about all the questions!

And thank you for your help.

Yeah its a great song!