Hey everyone. Its been so long since I posted on here but Im finally starting to record my songs that I have written since I got my Pod XT Live

Its the only song on my myspace atm becuase I havent gotten around to finishing anymore. No Vocals Unfortunately but I think it goes alright.

Oh and excuse the slight repedativeness as this will be cured when vocals arrive

Check it out


I need feedback on mixing mainly but all Crits are appreciated and ofcourse I will return the favour.

EDIT: Also I forgot to mention there is no bass. I lack equipment for bass. Anyone will to help me would be god like.
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I like it. did you use a drum machine though? i think that's supposed to be a double bass through most of the song, but its a little annoying whatever it is
the leads don't cut through as much as they could
I could see that being played on the radio with some legit lyrics
you're good, keep it up
I want Super Saiyan abilities
Im not really a drummer so I guess you can expect that


anyone else?
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I'm not too sure of my opinion on the intro, I liked the atmosphere it made but there was just something about it I didn't care for too much. When it gets heavier its great, from where the intro ends to 1:21 I really like. From 1:22 to 2:00 or so I didn't care for as much, probably because of the drums. I know you aren't a drummer so its excusable, if the drums did fills there it'd probably make it more interesting, not a big deal though. I liked the transition you made into the solo, and the solo itself was good but seemed a little bit repetitive. You've really got some good riffs in this song, the riff after the first solo being no exception. I liked your second solo as well but it just seemed a little short, however it was much more dynamic than the first solo. As for the outro solo you could keep it in but it didn't really do much for me, if the song faded out a little later then it probably would do more. Overall this was a really great song, you had some amazing riffs in it in my opinion.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=836418 Any of the songs would be fine if you can do it, thanks.
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loved it where did you get your drum machine? loved the guitar tho

Its a program called "Drumkits from hell 2"

Also thanks for the sweet and rather detailed feedback. The 'first solo' wasnt actually a solo it was just tapping.. it wasnt meant to be anything that exciting just to fill and make the breakdown a little les slike the first one.

Thanks though.. ill be checking out your songs now

Anyone else? Im a quick crit 4 critter
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The only thing I didn't like was the double bass - if I were you I'd try to make it match up with the guitar a bit more. The fill at 1:51 made me happy. Also, I wouldn't mind recording a bass line for you. I also liked the beginnings of the solo at the end where it fades out. Overall, it was good and I definitely enjoyed it.

Here's my thread: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=837365
Thanks guys.

Anyone else up for some c4c? dont be shy now
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yeah i think it needs work now that i think about it

anyone else want to let me know what they think?

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How did you get your tone? Please tell me you used a PODxt and can hook me up with the settings you have.
yes i do have a pod xt live

what did you want to know? want my tones?

to be honest i dont even think my tone is that good.

but if u want.. tell me ur msn and ill send them your way
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I like your stuff dude!! I don't usally like metal but I really like this! The mixing was pretty good and the guitar tone was sweet. keep it up. Could you crit mine "Army of the dead"
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