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Hey Guys, So im starting up a band and right now were doing basically the ghettoest thing ever for our singing setup, we have a Kareoke mic taped to a crappy music stand thats pumping sound oput of another kareoke thing, we need help, we are a punk rock band (with some metal roots) that are poor, i am the only one with money so tops spending 125 for a setup. What should i do please help because although the ghetto set up is cool, its not my thing :P

Btw i forgot to say were not really a singing orianted band so we focus more on our instruments so thats why not one person is buying something
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holy **** thats awesome!

do you want suggestions for better systems, or ways to hot rod a karaoke machine? if youre just a garage band, you dont really need a big setup.
I have no opinion on this matter.