... due the fact I am not rich or stupid. I want to take lessons but the only place thats around here charges $25 a lesson, one lesson a week, for 30 minutes. The ****. I have been reading books on theory, chords, and everything else guitar related and it has really helped but I'm reaching my limit. My friends honestly don't know anything about theory though they play better than me. Keep in mind I am not a newb at guitar, its just that I can't get to the next level without help.

I just realized I have no idea what I'm expecting from you guys. Maybe sympathy? Or advise?
Rhythm Harmony Melody
Do you like, live in California where everything from housing costs to prostitutes is more expensive? Lessons are only $19 a piece here, and I have an excellent teacher (his primary job is teaching music at a University around here, so he knows probably all the theory there is to know).